ConferHR specialises in delivering strategic and operational reward solutions. We do this by using our accredited network of independent consultants who can work singly or in collaboration. The approach is one of providing Total Reward Value interventions, which can be managed end to end or through any individual stage of the research, design, development, integration, implementation and feedback cycle of your reward activity.

    Your needs may be operational support, interim cover or short cycle project support and any accredited ConferHR consultant you choose to work with is backed up by the Confer Consulting network and resources.

    ConferHR has already worked with a range of reward providers with a proven track record. Yet ConferHR remains independent and can help you assess the likely effectiveness or any third party provider you may be considering introducing to your reward portfolio. This means you can save on time finding out and assessing providers where ConferHR has firsthand experience of their track record.

    ConferHR can help clarify your needs and provide challenge on the implications of what you are planning. By conferring with us, you will get a practical advice and action plan that is grounded in the sound experience of seasoned professionals who are passionate about ensuring that you get the result you need, when you need it.

    ConferHR provides a conferring opportunity for HR and reward professionals through research projects as well as networking and workshop events. If you have an issue you want to explore, Contact Us or post your discussion thread on the Conferring Forum section our website.

    ConferHR consulting was founded by Stuart Hood, a senior reward professional with some 30 years experience in international manufacturing, energy, financial services, health care and the public sector.

    Communication and consultation is the key to success. ConferHR gives you a fresh approach to accessing knowledge, expertise and experience.

    Conferring is our key